My Product Center Review: Are These Autopilot Money Turning Websites Scam?

You’ve heard of My Product Center, but wondering if so-called automated money making websites are real? I know the sound of merchants selling income-generating websites is highly suspicious, and I seriously doubted the My Product Center site at first. After buying the websites that the site offers, I found that it really works using the principles of affiliate marketing.
How do you make money from websites?
Basically, it will download the websites and change some links within the sites. This is to get you credited a commission for every sale you generate through your site. The work you’ll need to do involves driving targeted traffic to your site, something the product owner has explained in more detail on the My Product Center site.
Features of the My Product Centers websites

1. Good quality content offered to visitors and improved conversion rates

The role of your website is not to sell the product directly to customers, but to pre-sell them. This home business ideas means that your site provides information about the product that consumers have been looking at and thinking of buying. When the visitor finally makes the purchase using the links on your site, they will be credited between 50% and 75% of the sale price.
2. Strong presale of the promoted product

I am impressed with the quality of the My Product Centers websites and the content they have previously written on the site. It takes away all the work and time you would have to put in if you created the sites yourself. With the information provided on the sites, my website visitors are more likely to purchase the products being promoted.